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Oct 23 / Kimberly

Webinar: Beyond data management plans, creative data services in libraries

Presented by Library Connect

Thursday, November 13, 2014 – 10am ET

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As researchers and scholars increasingly move toward data-driven research, librarians are offering a growing number of services to support a diverse set of research needs. In this webinar, presenters will discuss large-scale projects and one-to-one consulting at the institute, university and consortium levels. They will explore services provided by librarians with technical expertise in areas such as linked data and data visualization, as well as the role of liaison librarians.


Sep 29 / Kimberly

CBC Cross Country Checkup: What’s the future of the library in the age of Google?

CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup featured Peter Mansbridge hosting a terrific conversation on the future of libraries. You can listen to the podcast at:

Sep 25 / Kimberly

SLA Election Results – 2015 Board of Directors Announced

Tom Rink, an instructor for library services at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, will lead a group of five SLA members who will join the association’s board of directors in January.

Tom will sTomRinkerve as president-elect in 2015, as president in 2016, and as past president in 2017. Joining him on the board for 2015-2017 are the following SLA members:

  • Kim Silk, chapter cabinet chair-elect;
  • Ruth Kneale, division cabinet chair-elect;
  • Kevin Adams, director; and
  • Catherine Lavallee-Welch, director.

In addition to electing the new board members, SLA members also overwhelmingly approved two changes to the association’s bylaws. The changes are as follows:

  • Recognizing the joint cabinet as an official body of the association; and
  • Allowing caucuses to be formed based on geography.

For more information about the election, see the press release.