Registration now open for Handheld Librarian 2!

More people than 2000 people attended the first ever Handheld Librarian Conference in July 2009 which featured a wide array of collaboration, learning and networking activities focused on Mobile Library Services!  The Handheld Librarian 2 will continue the dialog with a 2-day online conference scheduled for February 17-18, 2010 and is now accepting registrations at

The program — sponsored by Alliance Library System, and LearningTimes — will include a series of  wonderful keynote and featured speakers collection of available resources, discussions boards, and access to the recording of all live events for one year after the conference.  More people than ever are using mobile devices for a wide variety of purposes including communication, internet access, text messaging, and entertainment. It is important that libraries provide mobile services as handheld use increases.

The conference will feature four exciting keynote talks:


<li>Joan K. Lippincott from the Coalition for Networked Information speaking about “Mobilizing Libraries for Today’s Students”

<li>Joe Murphy from Yale University speaking about “This is Now: The Mobile Library”

<li>Alison Miller, Internet Public Library, “Mobile Trends and Social Reference”

<li>Tom Peters of TAP Information Services, addressing “Morphing with Mobile”


Registration for the conference is $69 per individual or $119 for a group.  LIS students can register for $29.  LIS students need to contact Lori Bell, Alliance Library System, at for a coupon code to register for the $29. “With the avalanche of new mobile devices and applications, the Handheld Librarian 2 online conference will be a golden opportunity for library land to cost effectively learn how to reach a whole new audience,” said Kitty Pope, ALS Executive Director.

For more information on the conference, go to the conference site at  If you have questions, please contact John Walber at LearningTimes at or Lori Bell at Alliance Library System at