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Aug 31 / Kimberly

2016 – Best Census Ever!

Just in case we needed any further evidence that Canadians value the data we collect to support our nation and its citizens, Statistics Canada has announced that the 2016 Census had the highest overall response rate — 98.4! — in recent history.

Here’s a snippet from the StatsCan release:

Canadians’ response to the 2016 long form was simply outstanding. In 2016, the collection response rate for the long form was 97.8 per cent, the best ever recorded. This response rate will enable the provision of high-quality information for virtually all communities.

The 2016 Census also stood out in two other regards: self-response and Internet response. Almost 9 in 10 Canadian households completed their long or short form questionnaire without any assistance from Statistics Canada staff. The rate of 88.8 per cent makes this the most efficient among traditional censuses conducted in the world.

Response rates to individual questions are also high and very uniform throughout the questionnaire, further improving data quality.

As for the Internet response, Canadians delivered a gold medal performance with an Internet response rate of 68.3 per cent, surpassing the ambitious initial objective of 65 per cent and setting yet again another world record.

High rates of self-response and Internet response contribute to both the efficiency of data collection and exceptional data quality.

We should all be very proud! You can read the full release from Statistics Canada here.