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For anyone interested in working in the area of digital collections, this is a great resource started at DigitalKoans blogger Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

In January 2009, I began to list digital library and library IT jobs on the DigitalKoans blog.  My motivation for doing so was simple: times were hard, unemployment was soaring, and my readers needed help.

I haven’t looked for a job in well over a decade.  However, having worked in technology jobs for over thirty years, I think I can effectively select jobs that might be of interest.  The scope is deliberately wide, ranging from entry level (or mixed responsibility jobs that may not be 100% IT) to highly specialized jobs requiring fairly esoteric skills. Wherever possible, my posts are based on the actual job ad at the employer’s website. Jobs are categorized as either digital library jobs or library IT jobs based on my perception of the primary focus of the job.

Keep in mind that DigitalKoans is not primary a job site, and it may not continue to list jobs indefinitely.

Moreover, the number of available jobs ebbs and flows.

However, I hope that in some small way it helps.

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