KMWorld 2008 Tuesday Keynote – Building an Innovation Capability & Culture: A Blueprint

Presented by Peter Skarzynski, CEO, Strategos and author, Innovation to the Core – A Blueprint for Transforming the Way Your Company Innovates

Peter provides his thoughts on building an innovation capability within the organization.

Why bother with innovation?

Gary Hamel: “Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.”

There is a rhetoric gap between innovation being talked about as being at the top of the agenda, and what’s really happening.

  • Proctor & Gamble are talking about innovating the way they innovate. This stance is all about culture change, and in P&G’s case, it’s about becoming less insular and more open in the way they operate.
  • GE declared they are thinking in a new way how to lead the business.

Is it that P&G and GE finally woke up, or is there something else at work here?

It’s always difficult for organizations to change.We know this, and so there is a movement to make innovation more natural and require less effort.

How to Succeed:

  1. Bring innovation to the front line; listen to those closest to the problem.
  2. Humility: there is always someone smarter than you in the organization.
  3. Focus on the business model.
  4. Teach. Learn. Apply. (rinse and repeat)
  5. Challenge orthodoxy – break glass, but heal it too
  6. Harness disruption (inevitable surprises) – things that you can see coming, but inevitably you’re surprised when they happen, such as the popularity of Second Life.
  7. Address unarticulated needs of customers – experience a day in the life of a customer
  8. Please crash! (safely)
  9. Approach innovation systemically – think about enablers and impediments to innovation

Dare to be Radical: (radical does not mean risky or far-out) -does it have the power to change customer expectations?

See Whirlpool as an example of an organization who’ve innovated, and would have a revolt on their hands if they were to go back to the old way of doing things.

Copies of this presentation can be obtained by emailing Peter.