KMWorld 2008: Virtual Worlds and Next Generation Social Net Experiences


Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce International Inc.

Cindy speaks about Web 2.0, virtual worlds, and some research highlights from her upcoming book, 2bevirtual or Not!

Evolution to Web 2.0:

1st wave = email, calendar, discussion forums, group scheduling, groupware

2nd wave = virtual workspaces, instant messaging, portals, web conferencing

3rd wave = blogs, wikis, RSS, social networks, social bookmarking, mashups, podcasting, metaverses

Must think through what tools will fit into your organization and what can be integrated with the minimum of disruption.

Kids rule – the first generation that include avatars as part of their socialization. How will the organization plan for this shift inĀ  rich customer interaction experience?

Virtual worlds are not for everyone, but its an indication of things to come. Like the web, over time the virtual worlds will become simplified and easier to use. Eventually we will be able to allow our avatars cross from one virtual world to another.

ROIs are still developing, there is nothing yet out there that can measure the impact.

See The Project Factory for stats on who’s in the zoo on Second Life.

Best Practice Highlights:

  • IBM – uses SL for executive engagement and showcasing new products, collaboration for R&D staffs worldwide
  • Metanomics – has Muse Island that provides a forum for discussions on the future of science, new technology, economics and policy
  • Nokia – uses SL for recruiting as well as arenas for innovation. You can buy a SL version of your phone for your avatar
  • Nissan – has a large vending machine with prizes that can be purchased with points gained during a virtual scavenger hunt.
  • New Ways of Recruiting – Accenture, Semper HR Island, Career Builders