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The iSchool Institute at the University of Toronto

Entering the New Information Economy: Professional Preparation Strategies for New Info Professionals

Offered by the iSchool Institute at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

This course provides new and recent graduates with the practical tools and tactics required to successfully enter the information profession.

Complementing the formal learning gained through graduate-level information degree programs, this 8-week course offers participants timely access to practicing information professionals, and the opportunity to develop practical networking, collaboration and leadership skills to prepare them for the transition from graduate school to professional practice.

Course components include:

  • Panel discussions with practicing information professionals with a variety of positions, backgrounds and career paths;
  • Understanding the differences among a variety of information environments: public (libraries, museums and archives), corporate and special, government, non-profit, academic, sole proprietor;
  • Benefits of professional associations, and how to choose;
  • Networking skills;
  • Career path development strategies
  • Entrepreneurship within and without the organization;
  • Leadership and your role in the profession

Specific Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, participants will understand the depth and breadth of career opportunities in the information profession; as a result, they will have begun to strategically develop their career paths. Meeting with a wide variety of practicing information professionals will hone their networking and communication skills, and appreciate the importance of professional associations. Participants will know how to create effective, customized resumes and greater confidence during interviews. Finally, they will be able to articulate their role and the value of the information professional and be able to position themselves within the spectrum.

Target Audience:
Master of Information students who will graduate within 12 months, or have graduated within the past 2 years.

Students and graduates from outside of the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto are welcome to participate.

Course Details:

Fri. 11 Feb 2011 – Fri. 8 Apr 2011
8 weeks (16 hours) – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Instructor: Kim Silk

Current iSchool students and recent (up to 6 months) graduates are eligible for a scholarship to reduce the enrollment fee.

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