Your Support for Knowledge Ontario is Making a Difference

Some fantastic news from KO today:

October 19, 2020

Dear friends of Knowledge Ontario,

Knowledge Ontario’s sector partners have pledged sufficient funding to keep KO operational until June 30, 2011. 

The “bridging” support we are receiving from all sectors will maintain our programs and services until June 2011 by which time we expect to have a sustainable multi-year funding plan in place.
We announce this gratefully to those who have already pledged support; encouragingly to those yet to respond to KO’s request; and reassuringly to those who have inquired about the status of the KO services they participate in and deliver.

Status of the requests
Knowledge Ontario made requests for bridging support from each of the sectors represented on its board of directors: K-12 school boards, colleges, universities and public libraries. Except for the public library sector, that request was coupled with an amount to support continuation of e-resources licensing:

  • The K-12 school boards, through the Council of Ontario Directors of Education, have pledged to date just over $1 million, which is 81% of the original request of $1.25 million;
  • Ontario colleges, through the Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources in Ontario, have pledged $131,000, which is 87% of the original request of $150,000;
  • Universities, through the Ontario Council of University Libraries, have pledged 100% of the request for $200,000, which, like colleges and school boards, includes both bridge funding and e-resources contribution;
  • Public libraries are pledging individually to a bridge funding request of $250,000 and have been asked to respond to the request by November 1. To date, approximately $100,000 has been pledged with nearly two-thirds of that amount still pending board approval.

Supplemental funding
Knowledge Ontario is also turning to other key sectors for funding contributions:

  • The Ontario legislative library, which has pledged $20,000 towards e-resource licensing and the Our Ontario government docs portal;
  • Other government / health libraries;
  • Our Ontario’s toolkit partners in the culture sector;
  • And special libraries that would benefit from use of the Knowledge Ontario services.

Public libraries
Thank you to the public libraries that have already responded by supporting Knowledge Ontario’s bridge funding request. For those that have not yet been in touch, please let us know the status of the request by November 1. We hope this update also acts as support and reassurance that your investment is solid.

If your library is on the fence and this update tempts you to take another look at our request, we encourage you to do so. Every contribution has the tangible effect of maintaining and strengthening KO operations. Your library’s contribution will also help towards the goodwill of the cross-sector collaboration that has always been the backbone of Knowledge Ontario.

E-resource licensing update
The licensing process is underway. The Knowledge Ontario Resource committee, which represents the three partners from the learning ministries, has identified priorities and are using those to review all proposals received from current vendors. Knowledge Ontario is also working closely with public libraries through the Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service North so that decisions are made in a way that ensures the best value and benefit for all sectors.

What’s next?
With bridge funding secure, the sustainable funding plan process is now underway.

Over the next two months, Knowledge Ontario will undertake a process of consultation with its sector partners to ensure that plans going forward are in tune with the longer term goals and strategies of each of the library sectors.  As part of that, sector partners will be invited to participate in focus groups and a larger roundtable session to help shape a sustainability plan for Knowledge Ontario.

KO is also working on a government relations strategy and will ask for help from partner organizations in delivering key messages, particularly in ridings held by provincial Cabinet ministers.

Fundraising efforts with foundations and other potential partners are ramping up. And KO will soon go forward with a direct personal request for donations from individuals interested in supporting KO’s vision and its future efforts to raise awareness with funders and community leaders.

KO’s latest news and updates can be found on at latest news (or you can subscribe to the RSS feed).

Going forward
Knowledge Ontario understands the bridge funding that secures its operations until June 2011 as a commitment to its core values of equity and collaboration. These values will guide our actions over the coming months as we continue to work with all of our partners and supporters to ensure ongoing funding for the vision and the services of Knowledge Ontario.


David Thornley,
Executive Director