Draft CLA Future Plan is Launched

An email from CLA President Keith Walker

Message to the community:

I am very pleased to announce that the Canadian Library Association Executive Council has released the first draft of the CLA Future Plan today. It is available on the CLA website at http://www.clatoolbox.ca/CLAFuture/index.php/2010/10/18/proposed-cla-future-plan/.

The Future Plan consists of six main headings that outline the proposals to reorganize and rejuvenate the Association. There are hyperlinks from some sections to provide specific details and there are appendices that expand on the information in the main document.

The major changes outlined in the Plan include:

  • a concentration on national advocacy
  • identification of major areas for advocacy efforts
  •  disbanding of Divisions and Interest Groups
  •  reduction in the governance structure
  •  introduction of Networks: grassroots involvement
  • emphasis on strong relationships
  • a streamlined and transparent budget
  •  improvements to the IT infrastructure

There are no changes proposed to the current fee structure for Personal Members; however, changes to the Institutional Membership category are anticipated. The Plan recognizes the need to review some of the existing services to members, as well as the necessity to develop new and sustainable revenue sources. 

I am looking forward to your participation in discussions on this Plan. We will provide a forum for a central conversation on the CLA Future Blog so that we can all share our thoughts and allow the whole community to engage in the discussion. Let us know what you like, what needs clarification, or what changes you would like to see.

People may want to get together to discuss the Plan and we encourage that, hoping that the discussion can be summarized on the blog for others to read.

The Future Blog will be open for your input for the next few weeks; the CLA Future Committee will meet on 5 November to review the input and draft changes. The revised Plan will be distributed in December, allowing for further input from the community.

Thanks in advance to all of you for your valued input on the future of our Association. 

Keith Walker

CLA President 2010-11