SLA Toronto Student Group – Professional Profiles

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been interviewed by Dylanne Dearborne of the SLA Toronto Student Group. Here’s a snippit:

Professional Profile: Kim Silk – Martin Prosperity Institute

Kim Silk is the Data Librarian at the Martin Prosperity Institute, a think-tank at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Kim’s position is unique from other library jobs at U of T. She deals with a very specific user group, which has allowed her to develop a subject specialty in a unique brand of economic geography. Kim works in a research environment that is based on creativity and problem solving, and performs research that will hopefully influence policy.

Kim noted that during job interviews she found herself spending a lot of time educating people on what an MLS is, and how being a librarian can go beyond the walls of a traditional library. Information professionals need to understand both the collection and the users and use this understanding to shape information to particular interests. To Kim, this is the core of information science and the essence of what information professionals do. Kim commented that “information is tofu – whatever you put with it changes its flavour”, and that it is important to look at what your collection is, who your users are, and how they are going to use it. When asked about courses she would recommend to aspiring information professionals, Kim noted that she thinks courses on classifying and organizing information are extremely useful.

The entire interview, along with other professional profiles, can be found at the SLA: Toronto Student Group Blog.