Daniel Caron in the Ottawa Citizen: Balance of freedom, responsibility

Written by Daniel Caron and published by the Ottawa Citizen, 21 March 2013.

Re: New code a ‘muzzle,’ March 16.

Library and Archives Canada’s Code of Conduct for its employees is wholly consistent with the values of the Public Service of Canada.

Practices at LAC still encourage employees to participate in events in accordance with the institution’s business requirements, plans and needs. LAC’s Code of Conduct does not prevent LAC employees from engaging in external activities.

However, for all public servants, the right to freedom of expression must be balanced with their responsibility to remain impartial and effective in their professional duties. This is commonly applied in the private and public sector.

DANIEL J. CARON, PhD, Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada and Chair, Heads of Federal Agencies

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