Faculty of Information Quartlery (F/IQ) Call for Papers

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Quarterly (F/IQ) established itself in October 2008, assembling interviews with several faculty members at our iSchool, asking their views of the Faculty name change, the implications of the iSchool movement on traditional concepts of information and its study, and how this shift affects their specific research and course content.

Over the past year we have solidified the journal as a space for scholarly conversation, and we invite you to contribute your voice to this burgeoning publication.

F/IQ seeks to create an environment for discourse on emerging issues and topics in the Information field. It aims to create an intellectual space for the Information community to analyse and critically assess the divergent topics that comprise our field of study and practice. F/IQ strives to define and direct the iSchool Movement through scholarly and professional communications, as a means to fostering collective identity among students, faculty and practitioners of the field.

We are seeking an array of types of written work:

  • Feature articles are full-length papers of no more than 5,000 words, which take the form of an academic paper and including a thesis and supporting arguments, full citations to academic resources, and a scholarly tone.
  • Thought and Opinion Pieces are shorter, less scholarly items that exhibit reflective, thought-provoking insights about a particular phenomenon or observation that pertains to the Information field. These pieces are shorter and may not have extensive citations, but illustrate an opinion or conclusion that is original and well-informed.
  • Reviews – of a book, a software program, or some other medium of a scholarly nature – are 175-200 words long, and include a brief statement of the thesis or description of the contents, a critical appraisal of both substance and execution, and an indication of the item’s value for the Information community.

F/IQ encourages submissions of a broad constellation of works on the study of Information in all of its forms, including but not limited to: archival science, accessibility studies, book history and print culture, critical theory, cultural informatics, health informatics, information studies, information systems, library science, museum studies, media and communications studies, and technology studies. Past issues and the journal’s mission, vision, and submission guidelines can be viewed at https://fiq.ischool.utoronto.ca

The deadline for submission is October 6.

If you are interested in submitting an item to the F/IQ, please contact fiquarterly@gmail.com for more details regarding the submission process.

On behalf of the editorial team, thanks for reading, and we look forward to your submission!

Erin Kent
Marketing and Communications Officer
The Faculty of Information Quarterly
The iSchool at the University of Toronto