Library Day in the Life, Round 6

Today I’m participating in the Library Day in the Life Project, Round 6. I’ll be posting what I do during the day here.

  1. I wake up around 6:30am and set about getting ready for my day. This includes checking email on my iPhone while listening to CBC1. Then I’m up and doing my best to get myself and my son, age 5, out the door for school.
  2. Once at work, I read and answer email, check my fave blogs, and get to work. Today I begin by updating the plugins on our various WordPress sites.
  3. New data sets have been announced by StatCan – I download the ones we’ll need to the MPI data repository.
  4. The latest version of an RFP response has landed in my inbox – my turn to tweak the sections on how research will be conducted. We’re feeling pretty confident we’ll win this one.
  5. Its Tuesday at noon so it’s time for my AskON shift – a fantastic virtual reference service provided by Knowledge Ontario.
  6. Lunch!
  7. Looks like now is a good time to convert the notes from our strategy meeting to put into BaseCamp — right after I check a data source for a colleague who needs Canadian Business Pattern data for companies over 500 employees in size.
  8. Updating a LibGuide with more course material. I love LibGuides!
  9. Rearranging our network drive to create some order out of the chaos.
  10. Checking out a really cool map made by combining NETS data with our mapping software. This one shows all the music-related companies that occupy Music Row in Nashville, TN.
  11. End of the day – and waiting for a group of Special Library students to drop by for a visit and a tour. I love showing off our space.

that’s all for today!