Knowledge Ontario receives $5 million from Ministry of Culture

Knowledge Ontario receives $5 million grant from Ontario Government

As part of the 2008 Ontario budget, Knowledge Ontario will receive an additional $5 million grant to sustain its projects and services. 

Together with a 2006 grant of $8 million, the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture has committed $13 million over four years to fund the development of Knowledge Ontario as a unique collaborative partnership of Ontario’s 6,500 libraries including public libraries, school libraries, university and community colleges libraries and government libraries.  

This funding enables Knowledge Ontario to support the renegotiation of electronic databases through Resource Ontario, and to continue to develop services and explore partnerships through Ask Ontario, Our Ontario, Connect Ontario, Teach Ontario and Video Ontario. 

Knowledge Ontario will continue to partner with the Government of Ontario and its various ministries to support libraries to address the digital divide and to create a smarter, digitally literate, more inclusive and innovative Ontario.

For further information please contact:

Peter Rogers, Chair, Knowledge Ontario Board


David Thornley, Executive Director, Knowledge Ontario